Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Chiefs Meet

Ampau Longhouse is 2 hours from Miri. The last 10 Kilometers over a rough road. Then, the long walk over the water and finally UP...climbing 50 feet up crude stairs. Its worth it! It is one of the most authentic and oldest long houses in Borneo.

This is the view down to the River... A boat just pulling out to fish. It is a tranquil, beautiful location in the jungle.

Here "White Chief" and "Iban Chief" meet. Chief Ampau. He is 74 and has lived here since the Japanese occupation ended in Borneo. He was "shirtless"; sitting on a handwoven mat looking so native, and...great! But he insisted on putting on a shirt for the picture.

The longhouse: 80 years old. 60 doors (or individual, but continuously attached rooms for 60 families) 50 feet above the ground on "stilts." A legend in Borneo.

What is a legend? That we too have lived here? Walked into the Jungle, Sat in their homes, Eaten their food, Taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

This yet untested legend: Our time and testimony left here; Not yet polished with the passage of time... We hope in time to be remembered by our grandchildren.

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